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As we have stated before, the OBAA is here as a tool for body art workers across Ontario to strengthen our voice and spread valuable information. We want to make sure that our message resonates with the vast majority of our members so that we can assure we are speaking on your behalf. This survey will cover some questions so we can gauge the current opinions of our members and make an informed decision as to our next steps. Please feel free to speak honestly as this will remain anonymous and we sincerely want to hear from everyone. Take your time reading the questions and answer honestly. There is also a comment box at the end if you would like to give us any additional information.

1. If the provincial government decides to push back the reopening date of personal services later than April 12th, would you still want to open (even if it defies current government regulations)?
2. If the provincial government decides to put the province in another “stay at home” order and close all non-essential businesses, will you want to join with other small businesses to fight against these measures?
3. Are you opposed to any particular group advocating for the reopening of small businesses (,, If yes, please elaborate in the comment section.
4. Would you be willing to take on any additional safety measures the government might impose to permit our reopening? If no, please elaborate in the comment section.
5. Would you be willing to do weekly rapid COVID tests on you and your clients if it would assure our reopening? If no, please elaborate in the comment section.
6. In the future, would you like to have an association such as IPAC create industry standards to replace governance by municipal public health (similar to RMTs and chiropractors)? If no, please elaborate in the comment section.
7. Are the government subsidies enought o pay your monthly non-deferrable expenses (rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc)? If not, please provide an approximate percentage of your non-deferrable expenses that are not covered. This can be done by dividin the total monthly amount of government subsidies by the total amount og monthly non-deferrable expenses and multiply this result by 100.
8. Have you noticed a decline in your mental health due to closure of your business?

Thanks for submitting!

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